Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not an exciting blog!

Well, I admit, this has not been an exciting blog to follow at all. I have been crazy busy making wreaths and participating in shows. When I am not doing that, I am caring for my children. All you mothers out there know what it is like to start a project, work, or even try to do something for yourself. Impossible without interruptions when you have little ones. But, we love our children, they are blessings, and we would never want to be without them. So, interruptions are a good thing.
I am finishing up a show tomorrow in Raleigh, NC and will attempt to put whatever wreaths have not sold on etsy and the blog. Please keep the faith that my friend and I will have a great final day!
the pineapple door


Jaelou said...

I hope your last day at the show is the best one of all! Love you Betsy! Miss you!

the pineapple door said...

i miss you too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Give Emily Kay a big hug from us!

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family time
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