Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am late on Christmas decorating. So, I wanted to post my last year Garland that exploded into something I thought was breath taking. It definitely stood out.
I know I am weird, but with a two year old, I still do not feel safe with a fire going or fingers around the screen, so I put furniture in front of it.

Hope you will all enjoy this hours upon hours idea of mine. I actually purchased this wall tin at Tuesday Morning, knowing I needed something that shouted, "Look at Me!" I am all about statements and I want everyone's eyes to have something to look at from floor to ceiling. I couldn't sleep one night, obsessed with this project. I cut a piece of cardboard, cut into four pieces and wired over 100 pine cones (glue gun would not work to make this an easier project). Anyway, I hot glued the cardboard pieces to the tin and purchased clear wire to strengthen the hold of the four pieces pinecone cardboard. Added wispies and magnolia leaves and Looky There, a piece of art! I love it!
The Pineapple Door


Kathy said...

You are right! It is breathtaking! It's so full! BEAUTIFUL!

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

I think this is brilliant!! Yes, ours gets VERY hot when we light the fireplace, need to move it up a smidge! :)

Paula said...

WOW very nice. Is that feathers? Thanks for sharing.

The Nester said...

Hey girl! Thanks for joining in! It looks great!

3CHEERS4MOM said...

I love the wall tin, I guess I need to check out tuesday morn.
I haven't been there in awhile! Your garlands are beautiful!
-Cheers, Amy

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